Small Gatherings...The New Normal

In the times of our new normal celebrations are being cancelled or altered in some way. Many of us are trying to figure out how to balance it all. Here a few tips if you are considering having a gathering in the near future.

  1. Educate yourself: Follow the recommendations of agencies such as the CDC. Knowing the number of cases and staying informed of recommended safety measures is priority.

  2. Choose wisely: It is the culture of the world that celebrations involve large groups. The more the merrier. In reality, if we are organically checking our circle, the invites will be fewer and fewer each year. We tend to invite people to make sure no one suffers from FOMO. Narrow your list to close family/friends. Keep the list to a minimum. I suggest choosing a guest list vastly lower than the recommended number. In general most events hosted by us are between 2-6 participants.

  3. Speak your mind: Make your requirements clear and upfront. Guests with your best interest in mind will comply. In your invite don't be afraid to require a 14 day quarantine, mask, or any other specifics. This is your event and you are more than entitled to feel safe.

  4. Consider the space: If possible have the event outside. Even if it is on a deck, patio, or park the open space will allow more room to stay at a distance and get fresh air. If an outside space is not feasible, try to find a space that allows room to spread out or consider narrowing your list down again.

  5. Ditch the traditional approach: Be open to doing things differently. Consider guest bringing their own food (choose a theme to make it fun) or have pre-boxed meals available. You can order foods that are easily boxed and DIY. Restaurants that serve subs/sandwiches chips work out well. The idea is you want to limit the amount of contact between your participants and the food. As much as possible, make food and drink individual. Another shift may be to have cupcakes instead of a traditional cake and skip the blowing out of the candle. If you must have that component- consider a handheld fan instead of using actual breath. To make it fun you can have a countdown to see if the fan can blow out the candle within a certain amount of time.

  6. Make it special: No matter what you decide- make it special. Decorate, personalize, and think of the small touches that will make your guest of honor feel special. Think outside of the box as many resources are limited.


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