What's Better Than a Picnic...a Pop-Up Picnic

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

When it comes to surprises, Perfectly Pretty Picnics has it covered! Pop-Up picnics are simple. Guests are invited to a secret location (or not) with no idea of what is taking place. It can be as elaborate as our client desires. It is such a unique experience as the suspense builds the excitement long before the event begins.

It is an opportunity to provide a unique experience for your friends & loved ones. Imagine hosting an event where your guests expect a traditional setting. Instead, they arrive at a location perfectly styled in a traditional or Boho picnic setting.

The element of suspense and surprise is part of the ambiance and the possibilities are endless.

To make it even better, we do all of the work! You and your guest simply show up to the location and enjoy a stress-free celebration. We style, set-up, and break-down the event.

Pop-Up picnics are designed to be intimate and are perfect for couples, groups of all ages. It's a step away from the traditional event and embraces our "new normal" of having smaller gatherings.

Let's celebrate with a pop-up picnic. You don't need a reason to celebrate, do it just because you can!

Not Just For Adults

Kids and surprises go hand and hand. Imagine the smile on their face when they show up to their very own Pop Up Picnic. Whether they were not expecting a party at all or were thinking it would be a traditional one... they will never forget the experience and neither will their friends!

Types of Pop-Up

  • Exclusive: Every element of the event is a surprise. Guest are informed of the date, time, and attire but nothing more. They are often asked to meet at a central location and caravan to the location. When guest arrive every element of the event have been taken care of. So they simply eat, drink and enjoy the night.

  • Moderate:Guest are informed of the date, time, attire and location. It is not uncommon for guests to bring a small dish for sharing while the host/hostess provides the main dishes and/or desserts. The set-up/ambiance is a surprise for the guest. Often times the host/hostess down plays the meet-up as if it is a casual "business as usual" situation.

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